DJ Dazzle E is a talented DJ and fashionista from St. Louis, Missouri. Her relationship with music goes a long way back: At the age of 9, she started a rap group with her Aunt where she went by the name of "Queezy E" because of her "sick" sense of style. While in the group, Emoni produced their music, created beats, and assisted in writing their songs. Additionally, she was also involved in other forms of music, such as taking dance lessons, and participating in band where she played the flute for 4 years.


A few years later, Emoni was gifted a Wii game and after a year or so of playing, she moved from “DJ Hero” to an actual DJ set, starting with the first Emerson that she received for Christmas. After realizing her strong love for the craft, she then switched her name to "Dazzle E" because of her love for diamonds, and all things bling.


In April of 2013, Emoni officially began DJ’ing at birthday parties, elementary schools, and family events throughout St.Louis. With practice, Dazzle E eventually acquired a great understanding of the process of creating great mixes and never sticking to a single genre- but embracing diversity and different sounds.


Today, she runs a successful DJ Entertainment business, with lots of passion, enthusiasm and youthful energy that truly make for a distinctive approach. DJ Dazzle E has got what it takes to entertain even the most diverse of crowds, with an outstanding selection of music, and knowledge of the business and skills.


Dazzle E has been featured in Delux Magazine, on WNSB 91.1, HOT 104.1, and currently works for 89.9 KJLU as an on air DJ/Personality. She has also performed at numerous schools, private parties, colleges, corporate events, weddings, and many other events around the state of Missouri.

"Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself."